Pig Piss Pain Penalty and Punishment Poker


These wagers have been suggested by various players or potential players at past games.  They are presented here solely as suggestions and inspirations.  Not all of these wagers are likely to be played at any given game.  Remember, if you are not prepared to pay the penalty, you can always eat a “waiver” wafer instead. 

Loser must drink a full can/bottle of beer/water/piss.

Loser gets five spanks from each of the other players.

Winner gets to piss on loser wearing whatever he's wearing.

Loser takes off a piece of clothing (winner chooses which one).

Winner spits on loser.

Loser is winner's slave for one hour at Dore Alley event. 

Loser must remain naked at Dore Alley event for at least 15 minutes.

Loser must attend Dore Alley event: any player who sees him there can piss on him. 

Loser is tied spread eagle in the back of a van or truck and driven around naked and offered to passersby

Loser is used as a public urinal.

Loser must wear a leather or rubber hood over his head, until he wins a hand. 

Loser gets piss up his ass and down his throat at the same time.  Winner makes it happen, one way or another. 

Loser becomes the game bitch, accepting insults, abuse and orders from all players.  Play with him for a few minutes, then return to the game, but he continues in that role until he wins a hand. 

Loser must piss his pants in public, at a time and place determined by the winner. 

Loser sniffs and licks winner’s armpits. 

Loser accepts hot wax on his cockshaft, tits, balls, cockhead and asshole.  He can choose to protect one of those locations, the others are available. 

Loser uses his mouth on the winner’s shoes, socks, or feet, depending on what he happens to be wearing. 

Loser licks winner’s boots.  He must keep his bare ass up in the air throughout, and it is subject to being used by all players. 

Loser wears a yellow handkerchief around his neck, identifying him as available as a piss-drinker by anyone who needs one.  Once he is put to use, he can remove the handkerchief. 

Loser wears a brown handkerchief around his neck.  Same principle. 

Loser is fully and securely restrained, including blindfold and gag.  We get to use his ass as hard and deep as we like, and he can’t do anything about it. 

Winner gets some shit on his fingers: loser gets a choice of licking it off or letting the winner shove it into his asshole. 

Loser gets his balls abused, until he eats a wafer or the winner is satisfied that he has suffered enough.

Loser submits to having his back and butt whipped, hard enough to leave marks (but not break the skin). 

Loser must make a video where he looks into the cam and gives the viewer permission to do stuff to him.  The items he lists should include, at least, anything we have done to him already during the game. 

Loser must answer these questions, in detail:  Have you ever had sex with an animal?  Have you ever eaten shit?  Have you ever had non-consensual sex? 

Loser must get himself dirty, using dirt from the back yard (use piss to get it wet).  When winner is satisfied, loser gets hosed down before returning to the game. 

Winner forces loser to inhale smoke (cigar or other) exhaled by winner. 

Loser submits to wearing a chastity device, for some period of time after the game (to be negotiated with the winner). 

Winner gets to take loser to a bar sometime and get him very very high (using alcohol and other drugs as negotiated).  Loser must obey winner’s orders at all times.  Winner is responsible for getting him home in one piece. 

Loser is brought to a truck stop or warehouse district, stripped, and left there for a few hours.

Loser is tortured in front of a webcam on the net, with suggestions coming from the web

Loser must say or do something utterly and blasphemously obscene. 

Loser must sniff winner's farts.

Loser wears titclamps until he wins a hand.

Loser has to slap his own balls whenever anyone says "shit" for the next half hour.

Loser is winner's complete slave at Folsom Fair.

Loser sucks winner's dick or any dick winner suggests.

The loser accepts piss from any player who wants to piss either in him or on him (depending on bottom's limits)

Winner selects another player who needs to piss, and both men piss into the low man's mouth, so the low man is getting two streams at once!

Winner gets to take loser to a bar, and is his complete master until the loser can manage to get someone to piss on (or in) him. 

Loser gets a butt plug up his butt, must keep it there until he wins a hand.

Loser drinks piss from the toilet in front of everyone who pissed.

Loser licks toilet rim

Piss taste contest (Loser is blindfolded and must guess who is pissing in his mouth.  If he guesses right he wins a waiver.)

Butt taste contest (Loser is blindfolded and lies under rimchair, must guess who is sitting on his face.  If he guesses right he wins a waiver.)

Loser is handcuffed or otherwise secured to the toilet and left there for three hands.  The winner of any hand can use the toilet if needed. 

Winner gets to sit on low man's face for one or two hands while low man licks.

Winner gets to finger-fuck low man's butt while low man sucks cocks of others.

Low man must drink any piss that becomes available for 30 minutes as assigned by winner.

Loser must give himself an enema with his own piss (use a funnel or something).  He has to hold it until he wins a hand, at which time he lets it out into the face of the loser of that hand (in addition to any other penalties).

Winner gets to take the loser anyplace in the city (after dark, after the game is over) and order him to walk around naked there. 

Winner gets to take the loser anyplace in the city (after dark, after the game is over) and piss on him there. 

Loser drinks piss out of a public toilet/urinal.

Loser shits on a plate and eats it.

Loser gets his dick stomped by the rest of the players.

Winner makes loser suck on his dirty undies (or any other dirty clothes available).

Loser gets his feet lifted over his head and must jack off (or piss) into his own mouth.

Loser must stay standing with a weight tied to his balls.  Every hand he doesn't win, more weight is added.  Continues until he wins a hand. 

Winner uses diaper/jockstrap/whatever to mop up piss; wrings it out into loser's mouth.

Winner selects any player he likes.  That player and the loser must exchange undergarments for their rides home. 

Loser is bound securely (on cam if practical).  We play for him.  Every hand he doesn't win, the winner of that hand gets to abuse him in some way.  No repeats.   

Winner fills loser's mouth with something nasty: mayonnaise, dirt, crushed crackers, whatever.  Loser must hold stuff in his mouth through next hand; then he can spit it out. 

Loser must -- after midnight the night of the game -- walk naked at least two blocks, someplace in Berkeley or San Francisco.  Loser gets to choose location.  Winner acts as witness and photographer.

Loser must rub Icy Hot on his cock shaft.  He may not wash it off for three hands.

Loser must rub Icy Hot on his butt, and then take six swats on the butt with the winner's choice of toy.  After that, he may not wash it off for three hands

Winner gets to write anything he wants on loser's chest, back or ass. 

Loser must chew and suck on any used condoms lying around anywhere.

Loser is driven around gay part of town naked after the game.

Loser is tied down and tickled without mercy by winners for 2 minutes.

Loser must jack off in front of all until he's close to cumming and then stop. He does this after each round until he wins.

Loser must put ice cubes in his jock or underwear for three rounds, or until he wins, whichever comes first.

Loser's cock and balls thoroughly colored with magic maker by himself or winner while others watch.

Loser agrees to drive home with cock and balls tied up by winner...and to not remove rope until he is home.

Tied down, head of loser's cock is polished with a towel and/or toothbrush for 3 intense minutes.

Loser must give a continuous gentle handjob to winner until loser wins a hand. Loser may NOT let winner cum.

Loser must not use the word "I" for ten minutes. Must pick a forfeit for each slip, pay them all off at end of ten minutes.

Vibrator tied to head of loser's dick with tight cord and turned on until loser wins a hand.

Loser is tied down and a vacuum pump is used on him for five minutes.

Loser is beaten/wrestled/gut punched by winner and his pals.

Loser must chug beer/wine/harder stuff until he gets drunk.

Loser must clean the butt plug the winner just took out of him.

Loser becomes Winner's gym slave: cleans His sweat off the machines, fills His water bottle and holds it for whenever He wants to drink, etc. In the shower, loser washes the Winner, dries him with both towels, and only then uses winner's sweaty/smelly shirt to dry himself. If the steam room/sauna are cruisy enough to permit this, Winner tells loser He has to take a piss or just feels like a blow job, and loser drops to his knees.

Winner shaves loser.

Winner puts loser into chastity device for an agreed-on period of time and keeps the key. If winner is feeling especially generous, he might milk loser with a prostate massage.

Loser is shackled, naked, and must walk or shuffle the length of the street and back at Folsom Fair.

Loser is chained to one of the porta potties at Folsom Fair.

Loser has his balls bound in Ace bandages by the winner.  They stay on until he wins a hand.

Loser has his balls tied to a pair of boots and must keep the boots swinging until he wins a hand.

Use ice cubes to make the loser's dick shrink up to a little thing. Then take an anonymous (cock and balls only) pic of the shrunken dick and send to all players to post as they wish.

Wearing "doctored" jeans, we visit a South of Market bar. The jeans get gradually demolished using the pre-done doctoring (cutting of key seams). Victim ends up wearing rags that hide little.

The winner applies vegetable oil or something similar to the loser's jeans in the crotch area as desired. We visit a bar, and loser must stay that way for 20 minutes...and no fair hiding the wet area.

Victim has his clothes locked in the trunk of winner's car. Victim sits in passenger seat, hands tied or handcuffed behind him. Winner gets to drive around wherever he wishes for 20 minutes.

Loser is bound/immobilized with hands behind chair and legs to chair legs. He is untied when he wins a hand, but only then. Until then, objective of winner of previous hand is to keep him hard without allowing him to cum. First winner just needs to get the loser hard. If subsequent winners successfully keep loser hard during entire subsequent hand, they get a waiver. If not, they lose an item of clothing. If he is allowed to cum inadvertently, the guilty party must draw and perform TWO forfeits.

The loser submits to a gang bang.  The winner would choose the time, the place, the setting, the scene, the number of participants either from the group or not as the winner sees fit. 

Winner pisses in loser's ass. 

Loser has to turn a trick somewhere (car, park, rest room etc...)

Loser must play next hand while under a rim seat, with winner's ass above.

Loser administers a warm water enema to the winner, while lying underneath him.

Loser is bound securely, to winner's specifications.  We continue to play his hands for him.  He remains in bondage until he wins a hand.  Every hand he doesn't win, (in addition to any consequences of that game) a forfeit is drawn for the bound guy to submit to while bound.  (If the forfeit drawn is impractical for someone in bondage, or deferred, it is discarded and no replacement is drawn for that hand.)


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