Ask that nice man...

Who Is That Nice Man, And How Can He Help Me?
How Can I Get Connected to the Internet? What Kind of Computer Should I Buy?
Hey, I'm Surfing The Web!  What Do I Do Now?
How Can I Make My Computer do Such-and-Such? How Can I Use My Computer Safely?
What Do I Do When The Internet Doesn't Work?
What Do I Do When My Computer Doesn't Work? 
  My Computer Just Froze.  What Do I Do?
How Do I Download Files? 
And What Do I Do With Them Once I Have Them?
Why Is The Internet So Slow?  
How Can I Make It Go Faster?
  What Is An Illegal Operation?
What Can I Do With An Older Computer?
  Do I Have a Virus?  
Is the Internet Safe?   
   Is It Private?
    How Can I Ban Spam?
What Do I Do About Links That Lead Nowhere?  

How can I move data from an old computer to a new one?

What is "spyware" and how can I avoid it?    
What Do You Think Of the Latest Version of Microsoft Windows?  
What Do You Think Of the Latest Version of Microsoft Office?  
What Do You Think Of Microsoft?  
How Can I Connect My Computers to Each Other?  
What do you think of the latest version of America On-Line?
How Can I Chat With Other Users?
Got Any More Internet Tips, Nice Man?    

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How Can I Contact That Nice Man?

For best results, please call (415) NICEMAN (415/642-3626) between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time on weekdays, or at any time on weekends. Any other time, his pager will find him. You can also use any of the addresses shown below.


if you prefer using e-mail, just click here or use your favorite e-mail program.  Address your e-mail to "" and to make your message stand out from all the spam please include the word "question" in the Subject of your first e-mail message to me.  

Thank You For Asking!

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